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Our GPS tracking service is based on two major components: the Android app to be used in vehicles, and the web portal to monitor all those vehicles. They interact both ways, in the sense that the Android app is providing the GPS details, but can also receive commands from the web portal to capture and upload photos and videos.

Android app

At the end of 2009 we launched the very first Android dashcam app, and have been improving it ever since. After a decade, DailyRoads Voyager is still a very popular dashcam app on the Play store, downloaded by millions of drivers. We also created variants of the app for our partners to launch under their own names, and some variants come even preinstalled on specific hardware models.

For this tracking service we are working on another variant of the app which will be published on the Play store, too. The main functionality of the app is still continuous video recording, to help drivers when unforeseen events happen on the road ahead. Additionally, the GPS details of the vehicle are constantly sent to our servers, to be presented and analyzed in the web portal.

The Android app can also accept commands from the portal, mainly to capture photos and videos under certain conditions. These media files are then uploaded from the app, so drivers and fleet managers can view them in the web portal's gallery.

Web portal

Our service is based on the award-winning GPS tracking software from a top provider, called Gpswox. We added our own customizations especially around photo/video uploads and the gallery, but most features come directly from Gpswox. To familiarize yourself with this software, you can try a live demo, read the comprehensive manual, or watch the videos in multiple languages. Watch the video in your language: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi

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