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Remote capture of photos and videos

The capabilities of the web portal - listed in the features page - are provided in more or less complete form by other GPS tracking services, too. But, the features listed here require a fairly unique setup. Only a very limited number of tracking devices have a camera, while all Android phones come equipped with at least one back-facing camera.

Our dashcam app uses such a camera to constantly record videos of what's happening in front of the vehicle. These videos are mostly for the driver's benefit, for peace of mind in case anything important happens on the road ahead.

As a fleet manager, you can also remotely connect to the dashcam app and request any video or photo already captured. Additionally, you can trigger an immediate capture of a photo or video, even if the app is not running yet. While these real-time actions require somebody to be logged into the portal at that time, you can also set up automatic capture of photos/videos when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined geofence.

Together with the automatic uploads and storage of the photo/video files, these options constitute our technological innovation within the GPS tracking space. You'd be hard pressed to find a similar commercial service anywhere in the world. But, if you do know about such a service, please let us know.

Remote capture

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